About Our Signs

We strive for realism - not a toy-like appearance.

Our precision cut, precisely scaled signs are made from a durable, non-flaking, heavy-weight paper product. Prototypes are made on a mathematically-derived scale based on research of original signage size.

Because our signs are not thick plastic toys, with rough handling they can break.  To lessen the chance of breakage, TVCM designers always: 

  • Use bass wood (not weaker balsa) or real metal (steel or aluminum) posts fit to scale.  (Due to material constraints, Aluminum Posts are only available for S and O scales.) 
  • Use rail posts made from Code 40, 55, 70, 83, 100, 125 or 148 nickel silver rail. Many railroads repurposed cut rail of any dimension they had on hand to mount their signs.

Scale 4"x4" posts are, of course, more fragile than scale 6"x6" posts.  We mostly prefer the look of scaled 4"x4" over the 6"x6" wood posts, but either size is prototypical.


For a prototypical appearance, mount roadway signs (for example, "Stop" and "Stop Ahead" signs) so that the bottom of the sign is a scale 7' above the ground.  Your railroad company runs trains and doesn't need the hassle of negligence lawsuits from scale figures who might bump their heads on low signs. We give you plenty of post to trim as necessary!

Removal from package:

Signs are mounted to double-sided tape with a piece of cardstock placed over them to hold them in place. It’s best to carefully cut the tape between signs before pulling on them.  We find curved needle tweezers work best for lifting the signs off of the tape.  We make every effort to make sure your signs are packaged and boxed safely and arrive to you undamaged.  


All our signs are hand cut. Why? Machine cut signs lack a realistic crisp edge, and sign edges are as important as the front and back. Sometimes signs are made to order, so it might take us a few days to make, package and ship your signs. We ship every Tuesday to save trips to the post office.

We'd love to see photos of the signs on your layout! Please email photos to support@tennesseevalleycustoms.com