More New and Reissue Items Coming Soon!

More New and Reissue Items Coming Soon!

July 19, 2022 Update!!

We are re-issuing the HO Scale Private Railroad Crossing Sign and Standard Railroad Crossbucks!

For HO Scale, now available are the previously released 6″x6″ plain wooden and metal posts, plus new versions with scale 4″x4″ wooden posts, and now with Code 40 and Code 55 rail posts. (Some railroads repurposed used rail into sign posts, so we thought we’d do the same here – although we use new Code 40 and Code 55 rail!)

Both dimensions of wooden posts are available in plain wood, medium stained (weathered), dark stained (simulating creosote) or in white, with your choice of simulated metal or white sign backs.

Click on the HO Link below to check them out.

New products are being added to our HO Scale lineup!  Keep checking back!

We are currently working on the artwork for N, S and O Scale products and expect to have them available soon.

In the meantime, if you have any specific item requests, please let me know via the Contact Us link above.  This will help me prioritize which items we get back into production.
Thanks for your interest and support!

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