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Weathered Crossbucks

Weathered Crossbucks

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Just like our Modern Crossbucks - only pre-weathered!  This 4 Pack of weathered crossbucks adds gritty realism to your layout.

You customize your Weathered Modern Crossbucks by post type and sign back color to make your well- or lightly-used crossing pop with detail.

Available posts are scale 4x4 and 6x6 bass wood, steel metal, round aluminum* (S and O scales only) and rail* (Code 40, 55, 70, 83, 100, 125 and 148).

Sign backs with wood posts come in your choice of simulated "metal," white or brown.  Signs with steel metal, aluminum* and rail* posts come only with simulated “metal” backs. 

Each Pack Includes 4 Signs

* $2.00 additional charge for aluminum and rail posts

 Available now!

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