How To Order Street Signs

All street signs are two sided, with spacers, mounted on steel posts. You can order "singles" (one street name) or "stacked" (two street names for intersections, stacked in an X formation.) You can also add street signs like STOP or ONE WAY to your sign. 

Order Process: Simply scroll to the bottom of this page and send us a message with : layout scale, sign types and how many signs you want. There is no cost to inquire!

Design Fee:  A $2.00 to $10.00 design fee is added per order, depending on the number and complexity of your signs.  The fee is invoiced after we have consulted with you by email, or phone if you prefer. We‘ll create and send the PDF proofs for your final approval when you pay the small design fee.  You won't get an  invoice for the remaining balance & shipping costs until we've created and packaged your signs.


First Single Street Sign (2 sides with spacer): $8.00
Additional Single Street Signs: $4.00 each
First Double Street Sign (2 sides with spacer)
(stacked in a “X” pattern)
Additional Double Street Signs $6.00 each
Add a double-sided sign onto both sides
of the post (such as a One Way sign):
Add $2.00

Guarantee: There are no charges for consultations. You will never be charged any surprise fees. If Rick thinks he can't make a great sign for your layout, he will let you know why.


Choose standard fonts, ALL CAPS or Capitalized First Letter and prototype color:

MUTCD Green - white lettering; White-black lettering, and Tuscan Red - white lettering


Send us a message below to get started on your signs!

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